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COUPLES – prioritize just you two and re-ignite the flame of desire as you forget the trials and tribulations of every day life. Nurture lasting happiness within your marriage or relationship.

SINGLES – get to know other professional singles in a respectful environment, giving yourself the best possible chance of meeting that special someone and discovering lasting happiness within a new relationship.

WORKSHOPS – learn very quickly how to discover and nurture lasting happiness within a relationship, whether you are married or single.


It’s a typically beautiful Florida day; the evening turns balmy as you arrive at your exquisite venue for an evening of elegance and sophistication 

Ladies, you are radiant and enchanting in your tasteful and quite lovely ensemble, chosen especially for this charming occasion

Gentlemen, you exude an air of classic discernment as you confidently influence the evening’s incomparable ambience

Revel in engaging and captivating conversation as you create and begin to develop refreshingly new friendships you will come to treasure

Indulge in spectacular venues, fine dining, impeccable service, harmonious musicians and pleasing music for dancing

Join us and cherish warm welcomes as you make magical memories with newfound friends and acquaintances

It is our pleasure to help you enhance your lives by providing elegant and upscale social experiences that facilitate lasting happiness

Our Exclusive Club offers you the opportunity to make wonderful new connections; whether you are married or single. Enhance your life both socially and romantically, and more importantly transform your relationship…be it from the past, today or in your future. Join A Lasting Glance… now and discover a lasting happiness you had long since given up on ever enjoying again.

Our Club Mission

To provide our members and guests with a range of unique, innovative and memorable social experiences. Enable them to discover and nurture lasting happiness within a discerning culture of values and respect.
With an eye for detail and a flair for exacting standards, we strive for excellence as we aim to create an environment that supports and encourages lasting happiness.