Frequently Asked Questions

Our elegant occasions take place in various upscale venues across the Tampa Bay area.

We welcome anyone from age 21 to 121! Age is but a number…if you think A lasting Glance… is for you, then it probably is. In time, as we grow in member numbers and event attendees, we may introduce events with age specific ranges. Until then, we encourage you to embrace everyone for the person that they are inside, regardless of anything else. Our passion is to help you enhance your lives by discovering and nurturing lasting happiness, and to provide a fabulous social life to support that.

Just now we hold at least one event for each group every two months. The frequency will increase with demand.

There will always be a dress code which will be tailored to the time of year.

Black Tie Balls will only be on special occasions, such as the Holidays.

This is an Exclusive Club, new to Tampa Bay, and so at the moment you may attend our events without becoming a member.

That is still to be determined, though it will reflect the exclusivity of The Club and the quality of its future members.

It is a Club for people who appreciate a culture of values and respect, so you can expect to meet people who treat others how they like to be treated – people just like you!