After years of research and study whilst on her own personal journey of growth, Cari is now very clear on how and why men and women can trigger each other, and the long term effect of the behaviors that can follow. She has pragmatic understanding and only compassion for both. She understands men and why they do what they do, and what it means. Women are a little trickier, though being one she clearly relates to them as well. Men and women who are willing to embrace new thinking really can achieve lasting happiness, either within their current relationship if married or in a new relationship if single…and sometimes even if separated or divorced.. If you were once a very happily married couple it is possible to get that back. Unfortunately some couples haven’t ever really been happy and sadly her techniques are unlikely to be effective in those scenarios. Cari can give you the tools that will enable you to do this efficiently and effectively, as long as you are open minded to a different way of thinking. The Ladies and Gentlemen below, both friends and strangers, have been kind enough to share with you their experiences and results from working with her.

DL , Venice FL - May 2019

“My Testimony – Yes, Carole opened my eyes!! I was married to M for 10 years, together for 14 years when we divorced.  More than three years on we are now happier than ever and re-married too!  Thanks to Carole for taking the time to listen, offer loving advice and specifically helping me to see the reason our relationship was broken. Once I learned from Carole what I would have to do for us to be happy again I thought about it long and hard.  He was my best friend, my soul mate, my partner and I missed him.  I needed him to know.  With what I had learned my eyes were open and I could see clearer than ever. On Christmas Eve 2015 we talked, really talked for hours.  I knew the only way back was for me to apply what I had learned. Thanks to Carole’s time, her guidance helped me to see what I needed to see! We did get back together and we did get re-married!  We are happier than ever. He is my man, my King and I am his woman, his Queen!”  

David T, Tampa FL - April 2019

“I am a divorced man 58 years old. I was married for 21 years. 3 children. I am now back with my ex wife with the help of several chats with Cari. I never expected it to happen but after the last sit down with Cari one Saturday afternoon I got into my car and texted my ex wife that I’d like to meet. Cari’s years of experience with helping couples in relationships with specific emphasis on men feeling like men and women feeling like women made a light go off in my head. Initially what she spoke about how men feel in relationships got me agitated because it was exactly how I felt for so many years. I felt validated but yet still empty. So what do I do with that? Move on? No, I don’t like the dating scene. I’m going back to try to move forward. So I did. With my ex wife feeling similarly and the work she did we are like teenagers. May not work for everyone as you must be open minded, resilient, transparent and genuine. I got what I always wanted. Thank you Cari. I look forward to your sessions as refreshers as I don’t want to fall off the wagon again”

Tracy D Clearwater, Fl - April 2019

“Cari has helped me better understand challenges in my marriage.  While I tended to blame myself or wonder what I was doing wrong, she helped me realize that it’s not always me.  My husband has something deeper within him that has nothing to do with me, but of course I can’t change that.  Letting go of the idea that I’m wrong or not good enough has set me free of so much pain.  She gave me guidance to better understand him and how to help our relationship.  Having a better understanding of him has helped me control my emotions, ask for what I need out of the relationship, and consider what he may be feeling.  Our marriage isn’t perfect but we have a deeper appreciation for each other and grow closer every day.  I thank Cari for helping me help us work through our challenges and so thankful for having her in my life.  We haven’t been fighting and I haven’t been exploding and that feels wonderful.  I recognize what he’s going through and it’s not always easy but channeling my emotions has been exactly what I needed.  He always comes around…not always as often or as soon as I would like, but my patience with him builds his love towards me.  We have had the most amazing connection lately and it hasn’t been sexual…but it has led to an amazing sexual connection.  I truly am just so thankful for having this better understanding. I felt like I was heading down a very dark, sad path and with the flip of a switch I could see clearly and better.”

Marzena S, Knoxville TN - October 2018

“Carole has been so helpful and such an inspiration to me. She made me realize what I needed to do to save a relationship that was sinking under, while enlightening me in a thought-provoking yet gentle way. It is early days, though I can already see how changing my approach to my man has resulted in him acting differently towards me in a positive way. Carole is compassionate and kind, and is committed to helping people. I enjoyed learning from her and I definitely recommend her.”

Abi Z, Long Island NY - August 2018

“My path crossed with Carole through an expats group on Facebook. I was feeling particularly down and incredibly lonely at the time and she kindly reached out to me to offer her support. I was unsure in what direction our conversation would go, given she was a complete stranger, but after just a few minutes on the telephone I could tell I was in good hands. She just listened to me and shared with me her knowledge and experience of relationships, particularly how men think. Her warmth, encouragement, honesty and guidance were just what I needed to put me back on the right track to happiness.”

Andrew D, Redington Beach - June 2019

“I met with Cari today over coffee, and I am glad I did. We had many great conversations on many topics, all related to relationships and how the way men and women think can impact them. She helped me to have confidence in myself, and also how to be confident when talking to women. This was the second time I have met Cari and she easy very calm and easy to talk to. I am relaxed and able to be open with her with my concerns. Thank you Cari. She is going to be having workshops for men and women to help them grow into having great relationships. I said, ‘Sign me up. I will invest my time and money in you because you are very educated and knowledgeable in your field’. I’m looking forward to more coffee conversations, the workshops and also these elegant and upscale social events. I am glad this is a membership club because I know that Single Ladies who join are as serious as me about meeting someone. We weren’t put on this earth to be alone. I want to meet someone for a relationship and I’m going to learn from Cari how to make sure I choose the right person and how to make it a happy relationship. I was close to paying $2500 to a matchmaker, but now I don’t think I need to. We all need help, and I believe Cari is going to make a lot of people happy in many different ways.”

The more people who know about A Lasting Glance… the sooner we’ll be providing Workshops that make a positive difference to people, enhancing their lives. Sharing is caring!

Relationship Consulting Services are a learning process that facilitate self-improvement based on discussion and increased awareness of relationships.  Carole Lesley does not practice psychotherapy and her Relationship Consulting Services are not a replacement for counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical treatment.  No service or product is intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness, psychological or mental health condition.
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