Our Elegant Social Events Create a Fabulous Ambience for Singles To Meet and Connect

Singles Elegant Social Events

Are you a little jaded by the current Singles Culture?

Do you have no problem meeting Singles, though they’re just not the ones for you?

Do you spend more and more time and money with the same results?

Experience exquisite evenings in the best venues in Tampa Bay

Meet and connect with wonderful Singles you won’t meet anywhere else

Enjoy seated Dinners with the opportunity for good conversation and real connections

Mingle, Dine and Dance with a balanced number of Ladies and Gentlemen

Dance the night away to our talented Singer/Musician

What Sets Us Apart

Our Signature Dinner Parties bring attractive Singles together in a more traditional way.

From the Elegant Venue and Setting, to the first class Dining, Service and Tasteful Live Music.

Appreciate like-minded Singles who share similar goals with whom to enjoy meaningful conversation.

Dress for an occasion that fosters a culture of traditional values and mutual respect.

Meet other Singles naturally and build relationships organically, the way we used to.

We aim to equally balance numbers of Ladies and Gentlemen which naturally influences a more harmonious evening.

Eat, drink, laugh and maybe even dance with a special someone who catches your eye.

What You Can Expect

Feel comfortable attending along as we welcome you on arrival and introduce you to members and guests in small groups.

Feel relaxed and comfortable as we facilitate you meeting and talking with many new Singles.

Enjoy a variety of different socializing opportunities throughout, and after only one event you will feel a sense of belonging as you will undoubtedly have made new friends.

Anticipate an upcoming social occasion…what you’ll wear…who you might meet…re-connecting with friends from before…the magical memories you’ll make; and always the possibility you might finally meet that special someone.

Join A Lasting Glance… today and say ‘Yes’ to us helping you enhance your life in ways you can only begin to imagine.

All You Need To Do

Select the Event of your choice and pay in advance to secure your spot before we sell out

Dress for the occasion and come and have fun with wonderful new friends and acquaintances

Forget the stresses of everyday life as you kick back, relax and delight at our unique Social Events

Be spoiled for choice as you attend some or perhaps all of our elegant social occasions throughout the year

Anticipate an upcoming occasion…what you’ll wear…who you might meet…and the magical memories you’ll make

Join A Lasting Glance… today and say ‘yes’ to us helping you enhance your social life in ways you can only begin to imagine


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