“Dear Cari,
I want to congratulate you on hosting another successful singles night. Thank you so much for organizing this event. There was such a great mix of people, of various ages, and it was delightful meeting everyone and making new friends. The guests were all so friendly and gracious, and I really liked how the event was free of a competitive spirit. The various men were of different ages, backgrounds, and professions. The common denominators were that that they were professionals and open to making connections.

Thank you again for bringing everyone together – I look forward to watching this grow into something really big. I’m so excited about the next event!


“Well, its certainly refreshing to enjoy a night of good adult conversations meeting new folks and especially delightful ladies. The swapping of tables with every change in course of the meal made it fun since one got to effortlessly meet new people. The salsa dancing after was such a good time — I have even started getting more into dancing Salsa since and going to the Hip Dance Studio to learn more. The location was classy and the hostess was delightful. I would gladly do it again and highly recommend it for any who want to meet adults in a relaxing fun setting.”

Thank you Cari. You put on a great event. Looking forward to more of them!

Thanks Cari!!! Very nice!!

Great event! Thanks for all of your hard work pulling another great event off!!!!

Cari, thank you for hosting, lovely evening, look forward to next one!!!

Thank you Cari for all the time and energy that you put into making tonight’s event possible. It was very enjoyable!

Thanks Cari for organizing such a great event! Can’t wait for the next one.

Hi Cari! It was so nice meeting you yesterday. I want to thank you for organizing the wonderful day and evening yesterday. I truly enjoyed it and it was such a fun experience. Please keep me on your list for future events. Have a great day and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Hi Cari, it was a pleasure meeting you and the ladies yesterday. Thanks for hosting a memorable evening!

Thank you Cari for all of your organization skills to put this together. It was a lovely evening and a great way to meet people. Fun time.

Cari, I had a lovely time and am looking forward to future gatherings!

Thank you for the lovely evening and organization of this event! I had a great time meeting everyone.

Cari thank you for organizing this event. It was a lovely evening with wonderful people. Looking forward to your next event and seeing everyone again.

Thank you for such a lovely unique evening and it was so nice to meet you.

Oh thank you for doing such a wonderful job at organizing it. I enjoyed it. It was great to meet different people and had some good laughs.

Had a great time at at your event. 5 stars... Can I go more??? 10? 12?.... You are the best...

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