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Have you been single for a while and just don’t seem able to meet the right person?
Do you sometimes meet someone who you think is right, though turns out not to be?
Are you not really sure what went wrong in previous relationships?



Ladies – do you feel neglected and no longer a priority?
Gentlemen – does it seem that you can never do anything right?
Is intimacy, both emotional and physical, a little bit lacking?
Do you sometimes wonder if you should go your separate ways?

Workshops With Cari

If you are single, you will have likely experienced a marriage or relationship in the past that didn’t work out as you as you would have liked. We don’t always know why it didn’t work out. Even if we wouldn’t want to go back there, it’s helpful to understand what happened, so we can be sure to avoid a recurrence.
We all know men and women think differently – just imagine how helpful it would be to understand the opposite sex and learn how to get the best out of them. Our workshops will equip you with the skills to be selective when choosing a partner and how to be your best self in a relationship.
Married Ladies, do you feel your man slipping away, or maybe it feels as though he ‘checked out’ of your marriage a long time ago? Are you dissatisfied and find yourself filled with frustration or resentment? Oftentimes, especially after many years of marriage, we can believe everything in the relationship is fine when our spouse might actually not be happy. Even if everything appears to be good and on an even keel, our workshops  are an opportunity to refresh yourself on how you can be sure your relationship is as fulfilling as possible.
Married Gentlemen, if you don’t seem to be able to do anything right and and/or just don’t seem to be able to make your wife happy anymore, we can help you understand what in the world is going on and what you can do to change that. We will give you the tools to be able to help your wife be happy again, so together you can all in love all over again.
Our Relationship workshops are gender specific, for both Singles and Couples. This will enable the sharing of experiences that will benefit both, as men are men whether they are in a relationship or single and the same for women. They are very comfortable and relaxed. Cari has a tried and tested approach that has helped numerous people of all ages find lasting happiness…see some of her Relationship Successes here.

Relationship Consulting With Cari

There is nothing worse than feeling empty or alone in a relationship. Often it can seem as though your partner is oblivious to how you are feeling or maybe doesn’t even care – it’s not that they don’t, it’s just that they are so wrapped up in their day to day lives it probably doesn’t occur to them that you might not be happy. Come and see me alone if necessary and learn very quickly what it will take to transform your relationship, fast. If you both are unhappy of course you’re welcome to visit me together. Either way, you will leave with a definitive answer as to how lasting happiness can be achieved.

There have been many successes with couples who were separated, divorced or contemplating it, who have adjusted their approach and have not only got back together; they have been happier than they ever were before…and oftentimes they have re-married!  

Not everyone enjoys learning in a group, that’s why I offer the same content in one on one sessions as I do in group workshops. We will cover the same ground, though you will have dedicated personal time to enable us to focus on only your situation. Consultations are arranged by appointment. Feel free to call me without any obligation to discuss how I might help you. In the unlikely event that I don’t believe I can, I will guide you to someone else who can.

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Relationship Consulting Services are a learning process that facilitate self-improvement based on discussion and increased awareness of relationships.  Carole Lesley does not practice psychotherapy and her Relationship Consulting Services are not a replacement for counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical treatment.  No service or product is intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness, psychological or mental health condition.
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